Those Birds

Birds are interesting creatures – live ones and — I found out only recently — on paper too! You’d notice that in some of my works, there is a papercut of a bird or two included somewhere.

These are just two of them. I made them a few months back when i first started papercutting.



Since we’re on the topic of birds, did you know that all of the swans in England are the property of the queen? Disturbing or bothering them is considered a serious offense. Cool stuff, huh? You can find more trivia on birds at Cockatiel Cottage. Here are some of them:

• With few exceptions, birds do not sing when they are on the ground. They only sing when standing on objects off of the ground or while flying.

• Penguins can swim but they cannot fly.

• A kiwi bird has nostrils at the end of its beak.

• A flamingo must turn its head upside down to eat.

• A hummingbird’s egg is the smallest of all bird eggs and is the size of a pea.

• An ostrich egg is the largest of all bird eggs and is the size of a medium cantaloupe.

• Frigate birds can fly at a speed of 260 miles per hour.

• The American crow is found in every USA state except Hawaii.

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