First Project


First Project

Most of the highlights of my year are my travels. I just loooove travelling. I even enjoy planning what to wear for my trips (come on, I’m a girl, it’s a given). My ultimate dream is to spend a year just travelling to different places; spend at least a month in a foreign place and immerse myself in the culture of the locals. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Sadly, the real world doesn’t always permit that, of course (at least to us who have to make a living and can’t be away from our jobs). But hey, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, right? So that’s what’s inspired me to make for my first papercutting project. Technically, that’s not really my first. I didn’t like the one I made before that so I don’t consider it a project at all, haha! Anywho, this frame is now sitting on my office desk. We need to be constantly reminded of our dreams, don’t you think? 🙂


Welcome paper freaks!

Welcome to Papel de Pinay! This is basically a blog containing my artworks of my new found hobby, papercutting. After flooding my facebook and instagram accounts with papercuts, I figured I must house my creations in a much more organized and appropriate medium — hence, this blog. (Note to self: create a logo asap!). Who knows, maybe some of you might find them interesting enough to buy them? Okay, that’s a tad ambitious for now. 😛 A little disclaimer, though: I just learned the art of papercutting a couple of months ago, so forgive the crooked and jagged edges among my cuts, yeah?

P.S. Of course, comments and suggestions are most welcome. 🙂