Handmade Presents

It’s the “-ber” months once again and here in the Philippines, this only means one thing — the Christmas rush is on! You read that right. Time to do some Christmas shopping. And while we’re on the topic of shopping, I know looking for gifts can be a bit cumbersome with the crowded malls and nightmarish traffic (not to mention heavy on the pocket!). So for this season, why not try giving handmade gifts for your loved ones? It’s personalized and unique which will be much more appreciated than the traditional mugs they get every Christmas (seriously, how many mugs could one possibly need?).

On that note, let me share a few of my papercuts which I’ve given as gifts.




I actually already have a couple of projects lined up as requested by some friends. Unfortunately, I am feeling a bit under the weather so I’m afraid I might have to wait until I get better before I can get to them (damn colds 😦 ). But i have to say, I can’t express how excited I am to make them. And yes, I’m a craft geek. Sue me. Later! πŸ™‚


Into the Wild

InΒ The How’s of Papercutting, I mentioned something about how I have so many ideas for my next papercutting projects. Sometimes, though, there are more ideas that stem from these “idea projects”, i.e., projects I want to do over and over. With that in mind, I decided to come up with a series of projects that I’d be doing for some time.

First up, the Wild Child series — inspired by the flower child rage in the 70s. And for my first project under this series, I made something that’s quite easy to do. Pardon the un-70’s feel of this project, as I am just on the experimental stage (in other words, I’m still unsure about what I’ve come up with!).


I already have a next project in mind. Blogging it soon! But for now, I’ll leave you with a video of an awesome song by the awesome artist L.P.

Signal Fire


One of my favorite projects to date is a line from Snow Patrol’s Signal Fire. It appears on Spider-Man 3’s soundtrack, particularly, in the movie’s end credits. A little trivia: did you know that the song was initially offered to the movie Shrek the Third? Good thing it got rejected as I do not think it’s fitting to be in an animated film.

Moving on from my love for the song (and the band!), this project took me more than an hour to make. I’ve always wanted to do something in an infinity pattern and a project with different kinds of birds. I decided to combine the two and came up with this:


Notice how I connected all the letters just like a strikethrough text. I wasn’t sure about this at first as it might make the text hard to read. I was quite relieved it turned out fine. I also kept the leaves and flowers to a minimum as I didn’t want to make it too crowded. The birds weren’t that difficult to make too, though I had to google some bird outlines for basis. Cutting the tiny holes for birds’ eyes was another story. If anyone knows what tool I can use for them, please do tell! πŸ™‚

Ending this post by sharing Signal Fire’s music video. Enjoy!