Cutting Verses

October is Pastors’ Appreciation Month. For the tokens for our church leaders, I was asked to make 6×8 papercut designs with a bible verse for each. I came up with these three:




I will just write about the last papercut as the first two are just the usual projects you usually see in my blog. The third one is actually quite tricky but somewhat easy to do–with the right materials, that is. To make this, I placed a carbon paper in between white and black pieces of paper and drew the image on the top paper. It doesn’t really matter which color you want to put on top, as the carbon paper ink when transferred is visible on black paper too. Afterwards, I just cut the image away on both papers. I arranged them in a way that would create a foreground and background effect. Then I just used a yellow cardstock as the mat for the text to make it pop out. By the way, I didn’t need to trace the text on white paper since i just used the top black paper. But you can go and use a different color/s for the text if you wish.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I used double-glass frames for all three papercuts. And yes, the month-long search for double-glass frames in the perfect size is finally over! For that, I am one happy, hoarding gal. 🙂

What do you guys think of these projects?

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