Woman Papercut – Sketch and Video

Sharing with you my latest papercut creation which took me an hour to sketch, 8 to cut, and another 8 to recover from a back ache. Seriously, though, cutting the tiny flowers turned out to be a very challenging process. In the end, I was pleased with how it turned out.

The Sketch

For the outline, I had to look for a head vector that I can follow as I’m not very good with proportions.

The flowers and leaves were all drawn by hand. They did not have to be perfect–as you can see above–but I made sure that all the parts are attached. That’s also the common thing among all my designs.

The Cutting Process

Below is a hyperlapsed video of me cutting the project.


The Papercut

Here’s the final artwork:

This piece is 8×10″ in size, cut from a single piece of water-resistant and acid-free paper.


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