Maker’s Market at Estancia

A little over a month ago, Papel de Pinay joined yet another Maker’s Market — this time, for a two-day stint at the newly built Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. For some of you who may not have heard of this event before, Maker’s Market is a seasonal event held by the fine people of Craft MNL. Crafters, makers, artists, and what-have-you’s gather in one event selling stuff from yarns, paints, cutters and sculpture materials, handmade soaps, paper quilled accessories and cards, handpainted paper mache forms, to handstitched leather goods and prints to name a few. It was my second time to join such an event, and being someone who have enjoyed her first Maker’s Market last year,  I decided to sell my handmade products for 2 days — the last weekend of June.



It was a fun two days. While I enjoyed entertaining inquiries from buyers, and even passers-by, I also loved the feeling of being surrounded by other makers, such as, Frou Frou Crafts, Sqooid, Craft Carrot, Sketchnotes, Dagatbeads, and like, 40 others (yes, FORTY). It was the biggest Maker’s Market to date, and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it. Looking forward to the next one! 🙂


The first item to go!


The cutest kid came up to my booth, and asked her dad to buy this for her. ❤

IMG_0553 IMG_0513


Gogh-ing… Gogh-ing… Gone!

IMG_0594 IMG_0519

Play and Pause

One of my favorite subjects for my papercutting projects is lyrics from my fave songs. They’re the easiest to make but are the most meaningful when finished.

Not a lot of people know it, but music has been a big part of my life ever since I was little. When I was younger, I would keep a notebook filled with handwritten lyrics of all my favorite songs. We had no internet back then (I can’t believe I’m that old >_<) and I had to pause and play my recordings from the radio just to listen to the lyrics and write them down. Whew! What a difference a couple of decades makes, huh? Thank goodness for Google now!

Here are some of the "song projects" I've done. Can you guess which songs they're from? Tell me which one's your favorite too 🙂