On-hand Papercut Artworks for Sale!

I posted my leftover pieces from last week’s bazaar here. I know, I know. I was supposed to blog about it, but I’m still so busy. Will write about it soon.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through the images and send me an e-mail at papeldepinay@yahoo.com for inquiries. All items are framed. 🙂

Christmas and Me are Through

Before the festivities are over and gifts are unwrapped, allow me to greet you a Merry Christmas!!!! I do hope you are where you want to be right now, that is, with your family and loved ones.

Now, back to business 🙂 This is a project I’ve been meaning to share in my blog but couldn’t because my client requested not to have this posted before Christmas (the papercut will be given as a gift to her friend). And since I couldn’t wait a day after Christmas to post this, here it is:

“The greatest gift is a portion of thyself.”

Here’s a much clearer photo (but with a cream background which I replaced later on):


I don’t know if it can be seen through the photo, but if you look closely, I’ve framed it in a way that the papercut is embossed over the background. Here’s how I did it:
(Top) Glass – Papercut – Acetate – Mounting material – Background.

If you have your own frame-maker (which I don’t), it doesn’t have to be this complicated. You can just have him customize a frame and mount it for you. I substituted acetate for glass as I needed a thin material that the frame could hold. I couldn’t find a thick enough double-sided tape at home so I folded strips of black paper instead as my mounting material. Besides, the dark paper helped in concealing the mount since the papercut is also black. For the background, I used a semi-hologram board paper in lilac with astral print. It just so happened that I have this paper lying around in my room and thought it was perfect in creating that “holding hands in the twilight” feel to the artwork. 🙂


You might wonder why the title of this blog entry is so far off from the papercut. Well, it is. It’s just my way of getting all emo in bidding goodbye to the Christmas season. 😛 And it’s also the title of a song I like which I first heard on Chuck. The song doesn’t have an official video so the one below shows clips from the TV series instead (which I certainly do not mind). Hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

Merry Christmas once again, craft geeks! 🙂

Home Is Any Four Walls…

My friend in Singapore who’s also a blogger has requested for a home-themed papercut to be displayed in their place. To be honest, I find commissioned papercuts more challenging to make than my regular projects because of course, there’s the pressure (from myself, not from the client) to have a satisfied client. The design must suit their taste and the cuts must be flawless.

For this project, I used the quote “Home is any four walls that enclose the right people”. Sketching this piece wasn’t that hard, though it took me quite a while to perfect the main text. I also made use of a lettering stencil for the first time for the text at the bottom. As it turns out, this stencil is a papercutter’s friend as you can just flip it to trace the mirror image on the back side of the paper. Saves you some time from imagining how to draw the text backwards. And mind you, drawing backwards is not my favorite thing to do.


Cutting took more time than I usually do with my papercuts as the flowers have a lot of holes and curves. In the end, I was happy with it, which is an important thing. After all, you can’t expect your recipient to like your work if you’re not happy with it in the first place.

So here’s the final output. I placed it in a double glass frame which I think gives the papercut more depth and drama.


Visit my friend’s blog here. 🙂