Locked Away in a Box


As I have mentioned in my facebook page, I am spending some time off in my father’s hometown in Napti, Aklan for a few days. My mom and I were just blessed to have this trip pushed through, in the midst of the monsoon rains. I do wish the rains have stopped by now and that all of you back home are safe.

Anyhow, now that I am miles away from the city life, I made sure to store all things work-related in a box. At the back of my mind. Locked with chains and barrel bolts. At least for now.

I really believe we all need some time away from the real world once in a while. I am a strong advocate of this, especially to my friends who keep telling me they are getting burned out from work. Sometimes we just need to take a breather from it all and clear our minds. Trust me, it’ll keep you sane.

And don’t ever say that you don’t have the luxury to take a break. After all, they say the best time for a vacation is when you say you don’t have the time for one. 🙂