Stay Wild

Finally… The last project for my Wild Child papercut series.



I made this one months ago but haven’t gotten the chance to post this until today.

4×4 in.
Pink cardstock
115 gsm


from Regalong Pambahay
Double glass
6×6 in.
Brown floral border


I just love how the frame’s border is also printed with wild flowers!

Now that this series is complete, I can move on to another one. Thinking of a project that’s inspired by a bestselling book. Any guesses which one it’d be? 😉

Before I end this post, let me show you the cleaning tool I use after messing up my worktable with pieces of paper. Cute huh? :))


This piece is for sale, by the way. Contact me for details 🙂


Into the Wild

In The How’s of Papercutting, I mentioned something about how I have so many ideas for my next papercutting projects. Sometimes, though, there are more ideas that stem from these “idea projects”, i.e., projects I want to do over and over. With that in mind, I decided to come up with a series of projects that I’d be doing for some time.

First up, the Wild Child series — inspired by the flower child rage in the 70s. And for my first project under this series, I made something that’s quite easy to do. Pardon the un-70’s feel of this project, as I am just on the experimental stage (in other words, I’m still unsure about what I’ve come up with!).


I already have a next project in mind. Blogging it soon! But for now, I’ll leave you with a video of an awesome song by the awesome artist L.P.